What we prepare for you

Gratitude and sharing. In these two words, simple but full of affection, is contained the authentic meaning of the philosophy that nurtures japanese cuisine. Deep and abiding gratitude to nature for the precious gifts it pours out on our table. Sharing the dishes that are served to make them even tastier. Thus, flipping through a menu to choose what to eat should not be experienced as a mechanical and dry act but as a small journey through desires and hopes..

Traditional Japanese dishes

A true corner of Japan in Rome. Then again, our roots are deep and solid and go back three generations. On our menu, there are all the jewels of japanese culinary culture, some little-known, some more popular, such as sushi, sashimi or the not-to-be-missed japanese dumplings (gyoza), whether meat or fish.

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Daily specials

It is the freshness of the raw materials that is the real added value of our cuisine. Every day, we create and offer different dishes, that are not on the menu, prepared from the catch of the day. Our Gran Crudo also changes its face often to adapt to what the sea has to offer. What never changes, however, is the passion and creativity with which we cook. And then, there is the magic of old family recipes, such as fish “Nomisan style.”.

The selection of fine spirits

Spirits are a staple of Japanese food and wine culture. Therefore, we keep a wide and varied selection of these jewels in our restaurant; almost a collection, capable even of crossing japanese borders and unearthing true gems for connoisseurs.