Our roots, our history, our commitment

In the dishes we serve, past and present intertwine and intermingle, just as the history of Japan and that of our family overlap and chase each other. We are suspended between two worlds, there our roots, here our present. We live and work without forgetting anything.

A bridge of love between Japan and Italy

Nomisan was born from a love, which blossomed in the heart of Rome and grew between Italy and Japan. Maximus and Chikako met in the Eternal City. But a piece of Japan they took with them and put it inside their new restaurant. And to testify to their abiding connection with that faraway land, they have named their creature after the same name as the hotels that Chikako’s family has been running there for decades now.

The unmistakable flavor of family traditions

Even in the kitchen, that irresistible call to origins emerges overbearingly. There is the fish, for example, reminiscent of a grandfather’s work and toil as a fisherman in the waters of the japanese ocean. There is a secret tasty sauce, such as the recipe jealously guarded by a skilled grandmother cook. There are sake and spirits, many and very different, symbolizing a typically japanese passion.

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The warm embrace of a simple welcome

There is famiglia everywhere, then, in Nomisan. And warmth, simplicity and peace. Crossing the Noren, lthe traditional Nipponese curtain that signals the opening of the restaurant, one enters a basic but welcoming environment. Where there are no frills, distractions or pretenses. The talk is the dishes, which never lie. Because good, wholesome cooking is a universal language.

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